Graduate Alumni

2020 Graduate Alumni

Pengxi Chen
Practical Synthesis of Substituted Anthraquinones, Streamlined Synthesis of Trioxacarcins and Analogues, and Synthetic Studies toward LL-D49194alpha1 (Thesis Advisor: KC Nicolaou)

Benjamin Clark
Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Aluminum Nanocrystals (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas)

Liangliang Dong
Engineered Plasmonic Nanostructures for Infrared Spectroscopy, Refractive Index Sensing and Nonlinear Optics (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas)

Hassan Javed
Mechanistic insights on the merits and limitations of advanced treatment processes for removal of contaminants of emerging concern (Thesis Advisor: Pedro Alvarez)

Jarin Joyner
The Development of Graphene-Based Composites for Energy Storage Applications (Thesis Advisor: Pulickel Ajayan)

David Leach
Multidomain Peptide Biomaterials for Enhanced Delivery of Anti-Cancer Immunotherapies (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink)

Tania Lopez Silva
Peptide nanostructured materials: Expanding their chemical diversity and understanding their biological activity (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink)

Mikita Misiura
Theoretical Studies of Protein-Protein Interactions (Thesis Advisor: Anatoly Kolomeisky)

Olivier Monty
Development of a Synthetic Toolkit for the Exploration of All-Hydrocarbon α-Helical Stapled Peptide Chemical Space via DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries (Thesis Advisor: Damian Young)

Nicholas Moringo
Single-Molecule Studies of Proteins at Polymer based Chromatographic Interfaces (Thesis Advisor: Christy Landes)

Nicole Moringo
MultiDomain Peptide Hydrogel for Soft Tissue Regeneration (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink)

William Sikkema
Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Nanocarbon Based Materials and Devices (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)

Ashleigh Smith McWilliams
(Thesis Advisor: Angel Marti)