2016 Graduate Alumni

2016 Graduate Alumni


Brittany Olivia-Chatelain
Coating and Doping of Ge QDs (Thesis Advisor: Andrew Barron) 

Synthesis and Monitoring of Nanocars Bearing Different Wheel Types (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Hamid Temouri
Stochastic Modeling of Dynamical Processes in Biological Signaling and Cellular Transport (Thesis Advisor: Anatoly Kolomeisky) 

Navindee Wickremasinghe
Tailored Release of Bioactive Factors from Composite Multidomain Peptide Hydrogels (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink) 

Chengmin Jiang
Carbon Nanotubides: an Alternative for Dispersion, Functionalization and Composites Fabrication (Thesis Advisor: Angel Marti) 

Natalia Gonzalez Pech
Development of iron oxide nanomaterials-based technology for arsenic remediation (Thesis Advisor: Vicki Colvin) 

Ha Truong
Exploring the Folding Energy Landscape: Designed, Simplified, and Alpha-helical Membrane Proteins (Thesis Advisor: Peter Wolynes) 

Arash Bohloul
Engineered Metallic Nanostructures: Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications (Thesis Advisor: Vicki Colvin) 

Amanda Goodman (Jones)
Plasmonic Nanostructures for Controlled Drug Delivery (Thesis Advisors: Naomi Halas) 

Lawrence Tauzin
Single Molecule Studies of Dynamics at Polymeric Film Interfaces (Thesis Advisor: Christy Landes)

Nasim Taheri
Gadolinium Oxide Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications (Thesis Advisor: Vicki Colvin) 

Bo Shuang 
Data Processing For Modern Microscopy: Faster, More Accurate, and More Reproducible (Thesis Advisor: Christy Landes) 

Victor Garcia Lopez 
Synthesis, Monitoring, and Molechanical Action of Light-Driven Motorized Nanomachines (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)  

Nadia Lara 
Radiofrequency Electric Field Heating of Conductive Media: Understanding Aqueous and Nanoparticle Heating Mechanisms and a Method for Heating Optimization (Thesis Advisor: Lon Wilson)  

Grabiela Escalera Contreras
Synthesis, characterization and applications of magnetic multi-metallic oxide nanocrystals (Thesis Advisor: Vicki Colvin) 

Melisa Moreno Garcia
A Tale of Two Clades: Unveiling Relationships among Arabidopsis and Lactuca through Genome Mining in Triterpene Biosynthesis (Thesis Advisor: Seiichi Matsuda) 

Farrukh Vohidov
Dirhodium Metallopeptides for Catalytic Protein Modification & Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions (Thesis Advisor: Zachary Ball) 

Alejandro Garza-Gonzalez 
Combination of Wavefunction and Density Functional Approximations for Describing Electronic Correlation (Thesis Advisor: Gustavo Scuseria)  

Paul Derry
Fabrication of Organized Anisotropic Materials via Evaporative Self-Assembly (Thesis Advisor: Euguene Zubarev) 

Mayra Hernandez Rivera
Nanomaterials for X-ray imaging and image-guided applications (Thesis Advisor: Lon Wilson)