Chemistry Stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

The Chemistry Stockroom serves all Rice University departments, research groups, and service centers with a valid funding source. We provide stock items in the general categories of chemicals, glassware, lab supplies, hardware, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen. Chemicals such as acetone, chloroform, glycerin, ethanol, and methanol are also in stock. Unfortunately, items cannot be purchased by individuals or personnel not associated with Rice University.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed on Rice University Holidays
Phone#: 713-348-3275

Chemistry Stockroom – Space Science Building Room 113A

Shipping & Receiving Office – Space Science Building Room 100

Advantages of using the Chemistry Stockroom include:

  • Discounted price on items from our preferred vendors (Sigma, Fisher, VWR, Airgas)
  • Packaging and shipping using FedEx 
  • Convenience of walk-up, self-service checkout
  • Special orders from any vendor for non-stock items
  • Monthly billing (eliminating p-card reconciliations)
  • Compressed gas/liquid nitrogen sales (includes delivery to lab and pick-up upon request) 
  • Self-service dry ice and liquid nitrogen – (access available after regular business hours for Room 113)     
  • A University operating charge is added to all products sold through the Chemistry Stockroom

Safety Policies

  • Lab Gloves – Lab gloves must be removed before entering the Storeroom
  • Secondary Containment – To transport chemicals purchased an authorized safety carrier or secondary containment is required as per Environmental Health & Safety regulations.
  • For Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen – Safety goggles and gloves must be worn while handling dry ice or liquid nitrogen (help for dispensing Liquid nitrogen is available if needed)  


  • New Stockroom Account
  • Special Orders
  • Modify User Account 
  • Compressed Gas Orders

Contact Us

Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
Israel Jr. Ramirez
Phone: 713-348-3659
Space Science Room 100

Accounting Manager
Susan Cudnik
Phone: 713-348-3275
Space Science Room 113B

O'Connor Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
Robert Anderson 
Phone: 713-348-2729
O'Connor Engineering and Science 164

Stockroom Manager
Javier J. Chavez
Phone: 713-348-3257
Space Science Room 113B

The Chemistry Stockroom thanks you for your interest and strongly encourages you to stop by or call with any questions, comments, or concerns.