Diversity & Inclusion

The promotion of diversity and inclusion in academia is a core tenet of both CGEM, FACETS and the Rice University Department of Chemistry.

Academia is not an easy path for anyone. But for under-represented minorities, the universal challenges of graduate school can be compounded by lack of representation, discrimination in publication, a general sense of “feeling alone”, and many other unconscious, insidious biases.

Rice University’s Department of Chemistry takes pride in its familial department culture. As members of the Rice graduate community, we all follow one simple law of the land: we help each other. Generally, we follow this rule easing the burdens of graduate school through shared community and open communication about our problems. In terms of diversity and inclusion, helping each other can take many forms. FACETS pursues many initiatives related to promoting diversity and helping students from underrepresented groups, including:

  1. Propagating anti-racist sentiment in our community by starting meaningful conversations on the challenges faced by members of underrepresented groups at all levels of the ivory tower.
  2. Pushing for departmental policy changes, such as waiving application fee waivers, that alleviate unequal barriers for students of non-traditional backgrounds.
  3. Conducting outreach activities to communities typically underrepresented in academia to promote interest in graduate study.

Despite the meaningful progress we’ve made in our community, we know there is always more work to be done. So, if you have suggestions, reach out! FACETS is an organization driven by the initiative and creativity of volunteering graduate students – we are nothing if not receptive to new ideas.

Road to Grad School Workshop

Are you curious about graduate school? Do you want to know more about what you can do with a PhD and how to apply? Are you unsure if you’re qualified or ready for this step? Attend this new workshop to learn about what a PhD entails, how to apply, why you’d apply, and more! This workshop was created by current graduate students with the objective of providing insight for anyone wondering whether pursuing a PhD in STEM is the right path for them. Check back for future dates for our live webinar presentations!

Workshop Slides
Workshop Video

Cultural, Diversity, & Inclusion Organizations at Rice:

  • African Student Association: riceafricansapresident@gmail.com
  • Black Male Leadership Initiative: ricebmli@gmail.com
  • Black Student Association: bsa@rice.edu
  • BrainSTEM: braistem@rice.edu
  • Brazilian Student Association: facebook.com/brasarice/
  • Caribbean Student Society: facebook.com/ricecss
  • Chinese Christian Fellowship: Tianle.Chen@rice.edu, zh13@rice.edu
  • Chinese Student Association: ricecsaboard@gmail.com
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association: facebook.com/groups/rcssc/
  • Empower: riceempower@gmail.com
  • Filipino Student Association: isk2@rice.edu
  • Hindu Student Council: as173@rice.edu
  • Hispanic Association for Cultural Enrichment at Rice: recehacer@gmail.com
  • Indian Students at Rice: facebook.com/groups/139565716120579/
  • International Student Association: RiceInternationalSA@gmail.com
  • Iranian Society: facebook.com/RiceIranianSociety/
  • Japanese Club: facebook.com/ricejapaneseclub/
  • Jolt Texas at Rice University: keo5@rice.edu
  • Korean Christian Student Association: taehoonim@rice.edu
  • Korean International Student Association: mk65@rice.edu
  • Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM): riceostem@gmail.com
  • Pakistani Student Association: ma95@rice.edu
  • Pride: ricepride.rice.edu/
  • Singaporeans and Friends: facebook.com/RiceSingaporeCommunity/
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers: kw41@rice.edu
  • South Asian Society: ricesas@gmail.com
  • The Impact Movement of Rice University: theimpactmovementofrice@gmail.com
  • University Muslim Student Association: msa.rice.edu/
  • Vietnamese Student Association: facebook.com/ricevsa/
  • Women’s Resource Center: women.rice.edu/