Research Overview

Chemistry, the science of matter, is central to the modern intellectual world view. Researchers in the Department of Chemistry study problems that range from how chromosomes fold and the molecular basis of neural function and memory to the construction of nanoscale sensors and imaging tools as well as advancing the art of organic synthesis and its application to the development of anti-cancer drugs. Understanding matter so that we can manipulate it also forms the basis of our economic life, enabling the provision of energy, the construction of electronic devices, the preservation of the environment and the improvement of human health.

Our research and educational efforts fall in the areas of Chemistry of Life, Materials by Chemical Design, and Chemistry for Energy and Sustainability. In the coming years, the main goal of the Department will be to strengthen our technical breadth and strive for further depth in areas of existing expertise while continuing to grow in impact on the international scientific stage. Because of these drivers at the level of the overall discipline as well as our local environment and historical strengths, the Department of Chemistry reaffirms its commitment to its world-class foundational programs seen below. These programs can act as nuclei for Rice to achieve national and international preeminence in 21st century chemical science.