Research Institutes and Centers

Research Institutes and Centers

Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP)
The Center for Theoretical Biological Physics is one of ten Physics Frontiers Centers established by the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Directorate of the National Science Foundation. CTBP represents a collaboration between researchers at Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Houston and is housed on the campus of Rice University.

Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC)
The Gulf Coast Consortia is a collaboration of basic and translational scientists, researchers, clinicians and students in the quantitative biomedical sciences who help advance the region’s scientific progress through participation in joint training and research programs, utilization of shared equipment and core facilities, and the exchange of scientific knowledge.

Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering (IBB)
The Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary research and education, foster ties with the Texas Medical Center, create partnerships with industry, promote the translation of research, and facilitate strong research and training programs.

Laboratory for Nanoscale Spectroscopic Imaging at Rice
We bring together experimental and theoretical physical chemists whose expertise is in ‘looking’ at nanoscale interfaces in order to overcome one of the most difficult challenges in chemistry: to measure and model interfacial structure and dynamics in situ, where proteins, water, ions, and energy exchange outside equilibrium descriptions.

Smalley Curl Institute (SCI)
The Smalley-Curl Institute assists its members in forging new, cross-cutting and interdisciplinary research areas and in seeking new means of supporting their work. Research in SCI encompasses advanced materials, quantum magnetism, plasmonics and photonics, biophysics and bioengineering, ultracold atom physics, condensed matter and chemical physics, and all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology.