2018 Graduate Alumni

2018 Graduate Alumni


Gibran Esquenazi
Catalytic Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Using a Single Molecule Catalyst Precursor (Thesis Advisor: Andrew Barron) 

Jin-Mo Zhao
Symbolic Solution for Computational Quantum Many-body Theory Development (Thesis Advisor: Gustavo Scuseria) 

Daniel Garcia-Rojas
Synthesizing and Screening High Mobility Nanoparticles for Advanced Oil Recovery (Thesis Advisor: Vicki Colvin) 

Stephen Sanchez
Variance Spectroscopy and its Application to the Study of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Thesis Advisor: Bruce Weisman) 

Roman Schutski
Tensor Structured Coupled Cluster Methods (Thesis Advisor: Gustavo Scuseria) 

Benjamin Hoener
Plasmonic Sensing and Enhancement of Electrochemical Processes at Single Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces in Aqueous Halide Electrolytes (Thesis Advisor: Christy Landes) 

I-Che Li
Design of Multidomain Peptides and Collagen Mimetic Peptides for Biological Applications (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink) 

Jun Ohata
Copper and Rhodium Mediated Approaches to Site-Specific bioconjugation (Thesis Advisor: Zachary Ball) 

Kyle Smith
Effects of Geometry on Plasmonic Properties of Nanostructures (Thesis Advisors: Stephan Link) 

Robert Headrick
Solution Processing Carbon Nanotubes (Thesis Advisor: Matteo Pasquali)

Jibo Zhang
Laser-Induced Graphene-Based Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Man-Nung Su 
Optical Properties and Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Gold, Aluminum and Hybrid Nanomaterials (Thesis Advisor: Stephan Link) 

Ruofan Li 
Total syntheses of two antitumor agents: shishijimicin A and namenamicin; design, synthesis and biological evaluation of analogues of shishijimicin A (Thesis Advisor: KC Nicolaou)  

Yi-Heng (Ethan) Qiu 
Merging symmetry projection with coupled cluster theory (Thesis Advisor: Gustavo Scuseria)  

Xiaoyu Bai
Hydrodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Motorized Biological Systems (Thesis Advisor: Peter Wolynes) 

Elisabeth Bianco
Ultrathin Chalcogens (Thesis Advisor: Pulickel Ajayan) 

Kimberly Mendoza
Carbon Nanomaterials and Their Derivates for Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Biomedical Applications (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Gladys Lopez Silva 
Hybrid Carbon Nanostructures for Li-based Energy Devices (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)  

Anjli Kumar
Spectroelectrochemistry of Nanomaterials (Thesis Advisor: Emilie Ringe) 

Tuo Wang
Energy Applications of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials and Their Composites (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)