2017 Graduate Alumni

2017 Graduate Alumni


Yara Kadria
Advanced Quantitative Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Samples (Thesis Advisor: Bruce Weisman) 

Amanda Acevedo-Jake
Structure, Design and Applications of Collagen-like Peptides (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink) 

Yao Cui
Molecular Plasmonics (Thesis Advisor: Peter Nordlander) 

Michael McClain
Size and Shape Control of Colloidal Al Nanocrystals for UV Plasmonics Applications (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas) 

Zhipeng Wang
Understanding Functional Roles of Transcription Factor Decoys in Gene Regulation via Mathematical Modeling (Thesis Advisor: Peter Wolynes) 

Bin Huang
Decoding biological gene regulatory networks by quantitative modeling (Thesis Advisor: Jose Onuchic) 

Katherine Clements (Jochim)
Charge Pairs and Mutations in Collagen Mimetic Peptides (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink) 

Amanda Moore (Wilson)
Development of Multidomain Peptide Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications (Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Hartgerink) 

Yufan Zhang
Developing Multiple Dimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy for Molecular Conformation Determinations and New Catalysts Design (Thesis Advisors: Junrong Zheng) 

Kourtney Wright
Functionalization of Carbon Materials with Metals (Thesis Advisor: Andrew Barron)

Craig Keene
Development of New Methods for the Synthesis of Novel Biaryls (Thesis Advisor: Laszlo Kurti) 

Amirhossein Aliyan  
Nanomaterials in Diverse Dimensions: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Thesis Advisor: Angel Marti) 

Yilun (Ethan) Li 
Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Various Carbon Nanomaterials (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)  

Matthew Minus 
Tuning Rh(II) probes for the intracellular inhibition of STAT3 (Thesis Advisor: Zachary Ball)  

Ching-Wei Lin
Advanced Optical Detection of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications and Photophysical Studies (Thesis Advisor: Bruce Weisman) 

Ruquan (Moon) Ye
Photoactive metal complexes for studying amyloid-b aggregates (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Maria Kochugaeva
Theoretical investigation of protein search for targets on DNA (Thesis Advisor: Anatoly Kolomeisky) 

Samuel Gotthei
Fractal Nanoparticle Plasmonics and Rotational Spectroscopy as an Analytical Tool for Photocatalysis (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas)  

Brian Sirovetz
Protein folding, unfolding, and phase diagrams with coarse-grained models (Thesis Advisor: Peter Wolynes) 

Lizanne Nilewski (Koch)
Carbon nanomaterials and their small molecule analogues for biomedical applications (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Ruocheng (Ronnie) Yu
Synthesis of anticancer agents: 15-deoxy-15-fluoro-Δ12-prostaglandin J3 and gukulenin monomeric units (Thesis Advisor: KC Nicolaou) 

Anneli Joplin (Hoggard)
Using Correlated Photothermal Absorption Spectroscopy to Understand the Non-Radiative Properties of Single Metal Nanostructures (Thesis Advisor: Stephan Link) 

Andrew Metzger
Synthesis and Applications of Carbon Materials (Thesis Advisor: James Tour)