Undergraduate Courses

Course descriptions can be found through the Rice Course Catalog

Course Selection
The Office of the Registrar website can provide additional course and classroom information, as well as semester deadlines. 

If you need assistance in selecting classes or are wondering about how to receive credit for a course taken at a different institution, please see the links on the left for Undergraduate Advisors and Undergraduate Transfer Credit.

First Year Scheduling
If you are wondering which courses to take during your first year, see the Fall 2021 Undergraduate Advising Booklet, including the section "Which Chemistry Class is Right for Me?"

Course Load Policy 
Students at Rice normally enroll for 15 to 17 semester credit hours each semester. For most students, this allows completion of graduation requirements in 8 semesters. In some instances, a student may feel the need to petition for a registration overload. Petitioning for a registration overload should be a last resort and only for students with truly extenuating circumstances that would necessitate a course overload. 

For students who matriculated to Rice prior to Fall 2016 semester:

  • Students must secure permission in writing from the Office of Academic Advising to register for more than 20 credit hours in any semester. Guidelines and the petition form can be found on the Office of Academic Advising website. 
  • Petitions for more than 24 credit hours are not considered. 
  • No student may receive credit for more than 20 semester credit hours in a semester, including courses taken elsewhere, without prior written approval

For students who matriculated to Rice in the Fall 2016 semester, and thereafter:

  • Students must secure permission in writing from either the Office of Academic Advising or the Chemistry major advisor for course overloads, Lesa Tran Lu, to register for more than 18 credit hours in any semester.
  • Updated guidelines (as of Fall 2017) and a new process and timeline for petition approval can be found on the Office of Academic Advising website.