2019 Graduate Alumni

2019 Graduate Alumni


Desmond Schipper
Thin Films of Metal Phosphides derived from Single-Source Organometallic Precursors for Advance Materials Applications (Thesis Advisor: Kenton Whitmire) 

Linan Zhou
Hot-carrier-mediated Chemical Processes in Plasmonic Photocatalysis (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas) 

Lorenzo Boninsegna
 A Data-Driven Perspective on Molecular Coarse-Graining (Thesis Advisor: Cecilia Clementi) 

Dayne Swearer
The Best of Both Worlds: Antenna-Reactor Nanomaterials for Plasmonic Photocatalysis (Thesis Advisor: Naomi Halas) 

Andrea Miranda
A Comprehensive Investigation of Polymer Binder Properties in Silicon Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries (Thesis Advisor: Rafael Verduzco) 

Chenhao Zhang
Atomic metal on graphene for electrochemistry (Thesis Advisor: James Tour) 

Zixing Wang
Novel Synthesis and Modification Methods of 2-dimensional Materials (Thesis Advisor: Pulickel Ajayan) 

Tawana Robinson
Engineering Adeno-Associated Virus for Protease Targeted Gene Therapy and Immune Avoidance (Thesis Advisor: Junghae Suh) 

Marek Buchman
Synthesis of Anticancer Agents and Antibiotics: Natural Products and their Designed Analogs (Thesis Advisor: KC Nicoalou) 

Carlos de los Reyes
Alkylation of Boron Nitride Nanomaterials Using Reductive Conditions (Thesis Advisor: Angel Marti) 

Sudeshna Chatterjee
Understanding the Activation-Deactivation Mechanism of Glutamate Receptor Proteins at the Single Molecule Level (Thesis Advisor: Christy Landes) 

Nicholas Zaibaq
(Thesis Advisor: Lon Wilson) 

Katherinne Requejo Roque
Polymer-Assisted Synthesis and Surface Modification of Anisotropic Gold Nanocrystals (Thesis Advisor: Eugene Zubarev) 

Yu Zheng
Advanced Optical Studies of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped with Single-Stranded DNA (Thesis Advisor: Bruce Weisman) 

Yi-Yu Cai
Light Emission from Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles (Thesis Advisor: Stephan Link)

Luiza Gomes Ferreira
Theoretical Investigation of Collective Molecular Motors Dynamics (Thesis Advisor: Anatoly Kolomeisky)

Federico Bocci
Phenotypic heterogeneity driven by cell-cell signaling: principles of pattern formation and implications for metastasis (Thesis Advisor: Jose Onuchic) 

Macy L. Stavinoha
Magnetic and Electronic Correlations in Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds (Thesis Advisor: Emilia Morosan) 

Samuel Cody Martin
Rhodium and copper: chemical approaches to biological problems (Thesis Avisor: Zachary Ball) 

Meredith McDowell Ogle
Photoactive inorganic molecules for the next generation of photoluminescent probes and materials (Thesis Advisor: Angel Marti)

Alicia Mangubat-Medina
Photocleavable approaches to reversible bioconjugation

Shu Tian
 Engineering Aluminum Nanocomposites for Sensing, Photocatalysis and Photothermal Conversion