Compressed Gas Orders

Compressed Gas Orders

The Chemistry Stockroom provides compressed gas cylinders, supplies, and accessories to any Rice University department, research, or service center with a valid account (fund/org). We stock a few commonly ordered gas cylinders, including 160L liquid nitrogen tanks, on the Space Science Loading Dock. Other types and grades of gas can be ordered through the Chemistry Stockroom website. For pricing and availability of non-stock gas, please email

New Gas Order Process 
Starting August 1st, 2016, the Chemistry Stockroom will provide all gas cylinders and gas equipment from Airgas. It is important for our end users to become familiar with the new, faster and personalized order process.

Users will now be able to manage their gas account through and will be required to enter their fund/org, first and last name when placing an order. 

Every order placed will need review and approval from the chemistry stockroom. Two e-mails will be sent upon order submission; a requisition e-mail informing order has been sent for approval followed by an order confirmation e-mail once order has been approved. will enable our end users to access Rice University’s gas and gas equipment contract pricing, view estimated time of delivery, check order history, create your own gas list, and view your gas inventory.

For safety and tracking purposes, every lab and room in the university has been assigned an account number called a “Ship To.” A “Ship To” account is a seven digit number and begins with a “33”. Since there are labs and rooms shared by multiple users, every dashboard (homepage) will display the total number of cylinders in possession of the selected lab/room. 

Creating an Airgas Account
To create an account a Rice University e-mail, building, and room number must be provided. Once a new account has been requested, users will receive an email from Airgas with their login information. 
New User Registration Form

Multiple Order Locations: New Ship to Request
To add or remove additional buildings/rooms to your Airgas account, fill out and submit the following form. Please include any additional information in the comment section. 
New Ship to Request Form

Login and Navigating
Airgas Login

A step by step guide on how to access contract pricing, place orders and navigate the site is available below: Quick Reference Guide

Accessing Rice University Contract Pricing Gas List on 
End users have access to search all of Airgas’ products. However, Rice University has received special pricing for gases. To access, please select My Lists > My Items located at the very top of your dashboard page. Reference to the following PDF to find the desired gas item part numbers and their descriptions. Part numbers must be typed in the search bar as displayed in the PDF file. 
Airgas Commonly Ordered Gases
Airgas Commonly Ordered Mix Gas

Additional Special Gas Mix/Pure Gas/Gases Not On Contract List 
If users require special gas blends or gases not listed on contract list, please reach out to the Chemistry Stockroom. We will provide you with a part number, contract pricing, and add your request to your account. An Airgas specialty gas catalog is also available below; this includes all pure gases and their respective regulators: 
Pure and Specialty (Mix Blends) Gas Catalog 

Gas Equipment and Additional Laboratory Gas Resources 
Rice University has also received special pricing on gas equipment such as regulators and safety equipment. Contract pricing can be accessed after logging into each account by simply searching on the bar that reads “Search Product, MSDS, and Manufacturers”. If there are any questions in regards to a price or part number please contact the Chemistry Stockroom.

Airgas supports Rice University’s research and provides additional services for all gas equipment applications.

About Your Online Order
Fund/Org/First Name Last Name is required in the P.O. field before check out. 

We encourage our end users to provide a phone number and any additional delivery instructions under the “Shipping Notes” section before submitting an order. 

Gas orders received by 3:00 p.m. will be processed on that same business day, while orders received after 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day. Depending on availability, gas can be expected to be delivered:

In-Stock Gases: 1 to 2 business days          Special Mixed Gases: 10 to 20 business days

Matheson Cylinder Return
To return empty or unused gas cylinders, customers must fill out a cylinder pick up form found in the following link: 
Matheson Gas Cylinder Return

During this change, customers we will have a window of 90 days to use up and return any remaining Matheson gas cylinders. If you are currently using a special gas mix and anticipate that you will not be able to use up the gas within this time frame, please feel free to contact the Chemistry Stockroom representative for instructions on how these cases will be managed.

Matheson gas cylinder pick-ups will happen once or twice a week or as needed.

Helpful Links

Please contact Javier Chavez at or 713-348-3257 with any questions or concerns.