Give to Chemistry

Give to Chemistry

Modern science depends on interactive, vertical teams — undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty — working together to address compelling and exciting questions about our world. To recruit the very best people, we must offer competitive endowed faculty chairs and graduate and postdoctoral fellowships.

If the Department of Chemistry is to excel well into the future, we must provide funding to develop future-oriented research through innovation and excellence funds.

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Ed Billups (1939- ), Professor of Chemistry 1970-
Dr. Ed Billups Research Endowment in Chemistry was established in 2016, by Dr. Long-Jin Lin (a former student), in honor of Dr. Billups. The fund was created to provide funding for undergraduate students participating in research during the summer.

Robert F. Curl (1933-2022), Professor of Chemistry 1958-2022
The Robert F. Curl Legacy Fund was established in 2022 to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Curl. Dr. Curl is the recipient of the Nobel Prize (1996) together with Dr. Richard Smalley and Dr. Harold Kroto for their discovery of fullerenes. This discovery started the development of modern nanotechnology. The fund will provide fellowships and support for chemistry graduate students and chemistry undergraduate students for advancing research.

Arthur L. Draper (1928-1998), former Alumnus, Class of 1951
The Arthur L. Draper Award in Chemistry was established in 1999, by Joan L. Draper (wife) in honor of her late husband, and his commitment to education, to chemistry and to Rice University. The award recognizes outstanding undergraduates in chemistry.

Paul S. Engel (1942- ), Professor of Chemistry 1970-
The Paul S. Engel Research Endowment was established in 1998, by Rose C. Engel to honor her son. The fund was created to support undergraduate research in chemistry, more specifically to provide stipend support for summer undergraduate research.

Norman Hackerman (1912-2007), University President and Professor of Chemistry 1970-1985
The Norman Hackerman Fellowship in Chemistry was established on Dr. Hackerman’s 90th birthday to celebrate and honor his lifetime achievements. The first recipient of the award, Paul Cherukuri, had the honor of Dr. Hackerman presenting the award himself in December 2006.

Marjory Meyer Hasselmann
The Marjory Meyer Hasselmann Fellowship was established in 1980 by Marjory Meyer Hasselmann for Post- Graduate Studies in the Field of Chemistry.

Stephen C. Hofmann, former Alumnus, Class of 1986
A portion of Stephen’s Hofmann’s estate was bequeathed to Rice University to be used for the need-based support of Graduate Students in the Department of Chemistry. This fellowship was established in 1998.

John L. Margrave (1924-2003), E.D. Butcher Professor of Chemistry 1963-2003
The Margrave Thesis Award was established in 1995 to recognize graduate students who authored a truly outstanding dissertation thesis. Dr. Margrave took pride in reading the dissertations of the students in chemistry and wanted to recognize those who provided an exceptional scientific dissertation.

George Holmes Richter (1904-1987), Professor of Chemistry 1931-1974
The George Holmes Richter Memorial Fund was established in 1988, to be used to support undergraduate research, primarily during the summers.

E. S. Rothrock (1897-1964), former Alumnus, Class of 1917
The Stauffer-Rothrock Scholarship was established in 1968 in memory of E.S. Rothrock and provides stipends for chemistry graduate students.

Zevi W. Salsburg (1928-1970), Professor of Chemistry 1954-1970
The Zevi and Bertha Salsburg Memorial Award Fund was established in 1990 and annually recognizes a Will Rice College freshman with the highest GPA as well as outstanding undergraduates in Chemistry.

Richard B. Turner (1916-1971), Professor of Chemistry 1951-1971
The Richard B. Turner Memorial Lecture Series, which features outstanding organic chemists started in 1977 with a lecture by Robert Burns Woodward. The prestigious lecture series continue to recognize R.B. Turner and his legacy at Rice. Additionally, the department recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in the field of organic chemistry with the Turner Award.

Harry B. Weiser (1887-1950), Professor of Chemistry 1915-1950
The Harry B. Weiser Scholarship in Chemistry was established in 1979 by his family and friends and is awarded annually to our students for excellence.