FACETS (Facilitating Advances in Chemistry for Equity and Transparency for Scholars) strives to promote diversity, representation and inclusion in the Chemistry Department by encouraging dialogue and awareness within the community, empowering students to get involved, gain new perspectives, and creating a welcoming environment for current and prospective members of the department.

What are some things that FACETS does?

  • Provide tailored information about graduate school for URM (Underrepresented Minorities).
  • Create spaces for dialogue, education, and awareness.
  • Connect URM students with resources of interest.

"ReEnvision the culture of Chemistry"

Join our team! Contact us at FACETS@rice.edu for details on how to get involved.


Name Email Title
Aaron Bayles ab93@rice.edu Graduate Student
Mary Bajomo mmb17@rice.edu Graduate Student
Jacob Beckham jlb15@rice.edu Graduate Student
Carson Cole ccc18@rice.edu Graduate Student
Michelle Duran md59@rice.edu Graduate Student
Vanessa Espinoza vbe1@rice.edu Graduate Student
Corbin Farr acf9@rice.edu Graduate Student
Carly Graverson cfg2@rice.edu Graduate Student
Niklas Gross ng27@rice.edu Graduate Student
Kaitlin Knapp kk60@rice.edu Graduate Student
Katie Kuykendall mary.k.kuykendall@rice.edu Graduate Student
Viri Leyva viri.lear@rice.edu Graduate Student
Kaitlyn Lovato kal5@rice.edu Graduate Student
Angel Marti amarti@rice.edu Faculty
Lauren McCarthy Lauren.A.McCarthy@rice.edu Graduate Student
Jordin Metz jmm24@rice.edu Graduate Student
Austin Moser am184@rice.edu Graduate Student
Pam On pon@rice.edu Staff
Kevin Shumard ks91@rice.edu Graduate Student
Julian West jgwest@rice.edu Faculty