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Zubarev wins Humboldt Foundation’s Bessel Award>

Zubarev wins Humboldt Foundation’s Bessel Award

Rice University chemist Eugene Zubarev is preparing for a summer research experience at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, after becoming the first Rice faculty member to win a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. Photos of the ceremony can be found here.

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Graphene flexes its electronic musclesGraphene flexes its electronic muscles
June 29
Flexing graphene may be the most basic way to control its electrical properties, according to calculations by theoretical physicists at Rice University and in Russia.


Rice University boots up powerful microscopesRice University boots up powerful microscopes
June 29
Rice University, renowned for nanoscale science, has installed microscopes that will allow researchers to peer deeper than ever into the fabric of the universe. 


Professor Eugene Zubarev Receives Humboldt AwardProfessor Eugene Zubarev Receives Humboldt Award
June 16


Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbonsResearchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons
June 15
A simple way to turn carbon nanotubes into valuable graphene nanoribbons may be to grind them, according to research led by Rice University. 


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