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Chemistry Department Celebrates 2016 Graduates & Award Recipients>

Chemistry Department Celebrates 2016 Graduates & Award Recipients

On Friday, May 13, the Chemistry Department celebrated the momentous achievements of our graduates at the undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. levels. Over 100 family, friends and faculty came together in the rain to joyfully congratulate those who completed the chemistry program.

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Rice lab synthesizes new cancer fighterRice lab synthesizes new cancer fighter
June 20
Rice University scientists have synthesized a novel anti-cancer agent, Thailanstatin A, which was originally isolated from a bacterial species collected in Thailand. 


DNA in ‘unbiased’ model curls both waysDNA in ‘unbiased’ model curls both ways
June 14
In 1988, scientists in Switzerland looked through a microscope and saw something they didn’t expect: two sections of an X-shaped chromosome spiraling in opposite directions. Now scientists at Rice University have confirmed that such anomalies are indeed possible. 


Nanosubs are good to glowNanosubs are good to glow
June 13
The next generation of nanosubmarines being developed at Rice University has been upgraded with tags that fluoresce longer, which enables the submersibles to be tracked for greater periods while being driven through a solution.


‘Missing tooth’ hydrogels handle hard-to-deliver drugs‘Missing tooth’ hydrogels handle hard-to-deliver drugs
June 7
A gap-toothed peptide created by bioengineers at Rice University may be an efficient way to deliver insoluble drugs to precise locations in the body.