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Michael Diehl

Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Chemistry

The Diehl laboratory’s research is deeply rooted in the development of synthetic, experimental and computational approaches to investigate protein coordination within multi-component complexes and protein networks. While focused on frontier problems in cancer and immunology, their research integrates advances from physical and biological chemistry, nanomaterials engineering, chemical biology, cellular engineering synthetic biology and single-molecule biophysics, and has facilitated the development of model protein complexes, engineered cell platforms, and molecular imaging technologies that provide new opportunities to dissect dynamic interactions among proteins within large, multicomponent and intrinsically disordered complexes. Their protein and cellular engineering approaches have enabled detailed mechanistic analyses of protein interactions and cooperativity. To date, this work has led to a new and deep fundamental understanding of mechanisms underlying collective functions of cytoskeletal motor proteins and their roles in the regulation of organelle transport. They have also developed precision imaging methods to resolve how large master-regulatory scaffolding proteins assemble multiple protein complexes locally on organelle surfaces, and coordinate the dynamics of membrane and cytoskeletal regulatory proteins during organelle biogenesis. Motivated by the need to visualize the complex sets of interactions among bio-macromolecules in protein complexes and molecular-cell pathways, the Diehl Laboratory has also developed a new class of programmable molecular imaging technologies that can expand the number of biomarkers that can be imaged simultaneously using either conventional or super-resolution optical microscopy. They are employing these technologies for comprehensive and spatially-delineated in situ analyses of protein network states within single cells and tissue sections with high resolution. Such capabilities are critical to numerous developmental cell studies as well as fundamental and clinical efforts to characterize the molecular signatures and pathologies of diseases. All of these advances are made possible by combining expertise in biomaterials engineering, molecular biology, optics and microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, single-molecule biophysics, and computational modeling.


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Michael R. Diehl
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  • B.S. Chemistry (1997) The College of New Jersey
  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (2002) University of California
  • Beckman Senior Research Fellow Biophysics, Bioengineering (2002-2005) California Institute of Technology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Biomolecular Imaging, Biophysics, Cellular Engineering, Protein and Molecular Bioengineering, Immunology, Cancer
Email: diehl@rice.edu
Phone: (713) 348-4568
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