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Robert H. Hauge

Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Chemistry and Materials Science and Nanomaterials Engineering

Single wall carbon nanotubes have many potential applications in energy, power, electrical, sensor and strong light weight materials. For many of the applications they must be made in large amounts at low cost and preferably with specific diameters and band gaps, for instance as semiconductors or metallic tubes. The primary goal of my research is to develop new swnt growth methods that can be scaled to pound and ultimately ton quantities where only specific types of swnt are grown. In addition a second goal is the development of scalable chemistries of swnt that permit swnt to be dispersed as molecular species in solvents and polymers.

Studies of single wall nanotubes, NASA, with R. E. Smalley. Studies of elastomer degradation, Haliburton, with W. E. Billups, and A. R. Barron.


R. L. Carver, H. Q. Peng, A. K. Sadana, P. Nikolaev, S. Arepalli, C. D. Scott, W. E. Billups, R. H. Hauge, and R. E. Smalley A model for nucleation and growth of single wall carbon nanotubes via the HiPco process: A catalyst concentration study.  Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 5 2005: 1035-1040

K. J. Ziegler, Z. N. Gu, J. Shaver, Z. Y. Chen, E. L. Flor, D. J. Schmidt, C. K. Chan, R. H. Hauge, and R. E. Smalley Continued Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.  Nano Letters, 5 2005: 997-1002

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A. K. Sadana, F. Liang, B. Brinson, S. Arepalli, S. Farhat, R. H. Hauge, R. E. Smalley and W. E. Billups Functionalization and extraction of large fullerenes and carbon-coated metal formed during the synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes by laser oven, direct current arc, and high-pressure carbon monoxide production methods.  Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109 2005: 4416-4418

Z. N. Gu, F. Liang, Z. Y. Chen, A. Sadana, C. Kittrell, W. E. Billups, R. H. Hauge, and R. E. Smalley In situ Raman studies on lithiated single-wall carbon nanotubes in liquid ammonia.  Chemical Physics Letters, 410 2005: 467-470

G. N. Ostojic, S. Zaric, J. Kono, V. C. Moore, R. H. Hauge and R. E. Smalley Stability of high-density one-dimensional excitons in carbon nanotubes under high laser excitation.  Physical Review Letters, 94 2005: 097401


  • B.S. (1960) Loras College ()
  • Ph.D. (1965) University of California, Berkeley ()
  • Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • Smalley-Curl Institute
  • Physical, inorganic and materials chemistry
Email: hauge@rice.edu
Phone: (713) 348-6384
Office: Space Science & Tech. Bldg., 303