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Kenton H. Whitmire

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Wiess School of Natural Sciences
Professor of Chemistry

The Whitmire research group has a range of interests in synthetic, structural and mechanistic inorganic and organometallic chemistry. A long term effort has been aimed at understanding how the incorporation of p-block elements into transition metal clusters affects their structure, bonding and reactivity patterns. These studies bear on catalysis and materials chemistry applications. The group is attempting to create larger nuclearity species that will bridge the gap between molecular compounds and nanoparticles. An outgrowth of this work is study of conversion of these clusters into important magnetic materials. Homometallic and heterometallic alkoxo-, carboxylato- and oxo-complexes of the heavy main group elements are also being actively examined. These compounds find application in sol-gel processing of oxide materials. A subarea of this field is the production of high oxidation state, alkoxide and/or oxide stabilized compounds that may find use in stoichiometric or catalytic oxidations. As with the case of the metal cluster compounds, larger discrete molecular oxide compounds are targeted for applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology applications. Some of these complexes also have biological activity.


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