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Matteo Pasquali

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry

Microstructured liquids. Free surface flows. Computational modeling of process flows. Visualization of flowing single DNA molecules. Rheology and phase behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Rheology and microstructure of Polymeric Nanoparticles (particoils). Single-molecule behavior of semiflexible macromolecules.Pasquali's unifying research theme is the interaction of flow and liquid micro- and nano-structure. Most engineered materials are formed and/or processed in the liquid state; they are complex fluids because they possess intrinsic lengthscales that are well-separated from the macroscopic length scales of the process (usually tens of micrometers to meters) and the nanoscopic length scales of the solvent (usually smaller than one nanometer). For example, in polymer solutions and melts the intrinsic length scale is the length of the polymer (usually hundreds of nanometers to few micrometers), which is well separated from the finer length scales (solvent diameter in solution, polymer diameter in melts). The large scale microstructural features relax on timescales that overlap the flow time scales; thus, the dynamic morphology can differ dramatically from the equilibrium one, and this changing morphology affects the flow and produced intriguing nonlinear dynamical phenomena that are not observed in flowing liquids of low-molecular weight. Students and postdoctoral researchers advised by Pasquali are studying how flexible (polystyrene, long DNA) and semiflexible (PBZT, actin) polymer molecules interact with the flow at the molecular level by applying high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, mechanical rheometry in shear and extension, and non-equilibrium Brownian Dynamics. By rheometry, neutron and light scattering, AFM, TEM, and molecular modeling, Pasquali's colleagues (collaboration with Wong) are analyzing how the degree of intramolecular crosslinking affects the solution and flow behavior of polymer nanoparticles, controlling the transition from particles to coils (particoils). Detailed single-cell mechanics models are being developed based on nonlinear viscoelasticity and massively parallel finite element computations to understand how flow affects the stress field on the cell membrane affects cell growth, in an effort to controlling the in-vitro growth of biomaterials (collaboration with Zygourakis). Such models are being coarsened for application to studying hemolysis in medical devices such as blood pumps (collaboration with Behr). The behavior of Single-Walled NanoTubes in superacids and other liquids is being studied by mechanical rheometry, high resolution optical microscopy, and scattering, in an effort to design optimal liquid crystalline solutions that can be used to successfully spin macroscopic, continuous fibers consisting of SWNTs alone (collaboration with Smalley). The molecular models that are being developed and applied to understand single-molecule behavior of macromolecular solutions (from flexible to nearly rigid, as in SWNTs) are being coarsened through projection techniques based on an extension of local equilibrium thermodynamics in order to develop equations for expectation values of microstructural features of flowing macromolecular liquids; the coarse-grained models are used in massively-parallel finite-element codes for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing processes on larger length scales-from microfluidics (micrometers), to coating and ink-jet printing (tens to hundreds of micrometers), to polymer processing (hundreds of micrometers to millimeters and beyond).My research focuses on processing flows of microstructured liquids. Micro-structured liquids are ubiquitous in the chemical, polymer processing, coating, food, and biomedical industries. Theoretical and computational modeling of flow and transport in microstructured liquids will be a very important tool to design new processes and apparatus that can produce defect-free products at high rate with minimal environmental impact. Prof. Pasquali’s research interest revolve around understanding the interaction of flow and micro-structure in complex fluids, with application to the processing of multifunctional materials, particularly those based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs). Specific problems of interest include: dispersion and liquid crystalline behavior of SWNTs in superacids; spinning of SWNT fibers; coating of transparent, conductive SWNTs films; behavior of individual SWNTs in liquids; entrapment of SWNTs into biocompatible micelles; behavior of SWNTs in confined environments; interaction of flow with flexible and semiflexible molecules; mechanics of blood cells to understand and control hemolysis in blood pumps; modeling complex flows of complex fluids across length scales.


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Complex Flows of Complex Fluids group
Cf2 Complex Flows of Complex Fluids

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  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2000) University of Minnesota
  • Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering
  • Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology
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  • Micro and Nano-structured Liquids, Free Surface Flows, Computational Modeling of Complex Flows of Complex Fluids, Phase Behavior and Rheology of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Liquids, Hemolysis in Implantable Blood Pumps
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