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Dow Lecture: 2-Dimensional Zeolites



By: Michael Tsapatsis
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
From: University of Minnesota
When: Tuesday, February 14, 2017
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: Keck Hall
Abstract: It is only recently that single-unit-cell thick zeolite nanosheets (2-dimensional zeolites; AIChE Journal 60(7), 2374-2381 (2014) ) with intact crystal and micropore structure were shown to be possible. The structural integrity and uniformity of these microporous nanosheets open exciting possibilities for technological breakthroughs in molecular sieve membrane fabrication, synthesis of hierarchical catalysts and polymer-zeolite nanocomposites. Moreover, zeolite nanosheets enable for the first time zeolite pore mouth adsorption and catalysis to be studied by traditional uptake methods as well as surface science techniques. Synthesis of high aspect ratio zeolite and other crystalline nanoporous nanosheets, methods to characterize their structure and properties, along with their processing and assembly to create membranes and catalysts will be the focus of this talk. CHBE-CHEM joint seminar sponsored by the Dow Chemical Company.