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Professor Andrew Barron conducts research with one of his graduate students. For decades, the collaborative culture at Rice has promoted interdisciplinary research. Most Rice Chemistry professors have additional appointments, including four-of-the-five science departments and four-of-the-eight engineering departments on campus. Due to these combined efforts we have particularly strong programs in nanoscale science, theoretical chemistry, inorganic materials, experimental physical chemistry, biological chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and environmental chemistry.  In addition, Rice University is a member of the Texas Medical Center, and the Chemistry Department is at the center of important breakthroughs in nanomedicine.  Our faculty research interests and department appointments can be found here.

Our graduate program is focused on promoting the highest level of achievement for each Rice doctoral student. The program is very selective, admitting only about 20 graduate students each year.  These small numbers ensure that Rice graduate students have abundant access to faculty time, instrumentation and other resources. Rice undergraduate chemists are also among the best in the nation. Many Rice undergraduate chemistry majors participate in undergraduate research and commonly join a lab during their sophomore year.  They are, as a result, positioned to take real intellectual control of their research, and many coauthor publications that detail their findings.


Our research collaborations span across the globe in various fields of science and engineering. We are very fortunate to work with the world’s largest medical center (located across the street), but our collaborations do not stop there.  Our initiatives extend into the Houston community through energy-and-space-related-research and reach further out to communities around the world.  Whether we are improving energy efficiency, creating new diagnostics for medicine or purifying water across the globe, our collaborators are essential to our success.   

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