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2016-17 Graduate Student Awards

John L. Margrave Thesis Award  

In recognition of an outstanding thesis
 Awarded May 2017
Bin Huang
Maria Kochugaeva

The Norman Hackerman Fellowship in Chemistry    

In recognition of demonstrated commitment and achievement

Awarded May 2017
Jibo Zhang

Harry B. Weiser Research Award  

In recognition of excellence in chemical research  

Awarded August 2016
Bin Huang
Yara Kadria

Harry B. Weiser Teaching Award

In recognition of student teaching excellence

Awarded August 2016
Sudeshna Chatterjee
Katie Clements
Carlos de los Reyes Berrones
John Gomez
Gladys Lopez Silva
Macy Stanihova
Tuo Wang

Harry B. Weiser Leadership Award

In recognition of outstanding leadership to improve the experience of other graduate students

Awarded August 2016
Lizanne Nilewski
Jun Ohata
Kyle Smith
Kourtney Wright
Nicholas Zaibaq

Richard Turner Memorial Award

In recognition of a truly outstanding organic chemistry graduate student

TBA Fall 2017

Stephen C. Hoffman Fellowship

In recognition of outstanding early achievement towards the Ph.D. Degree

Awarded August 2016
Yiyu Cai
Sudeshna Chatterjee
Katherinne Requejo Roque 
William Sikkema
Dayne Swearer

Hasselman Fellowship

for post-graduate studies in the field of Chemistry

Awarded May 2017
Dayne Swearer
Man-Nung Su

Stauffer-Rothrock Fellowship

in memory of E.S. Rothrock, Rice alumnus

Awarded May 2017
I-Che Li



 *some names may have been omitted due to directory confidentiality designations    

**some restrictions apply