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Undergraduate Program  

Undergraduate students interested in studying chemistry benefit from Rice’s renowned faculty members and a strong research program. The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate chemistry majors a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The Department also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Physics.  

The B.S. in Chemistry degree rigorously prepares students for a career in chemistry or a related discipline, and the degree requirements are consistent with the guidelines for certification by the American Chemical Society. This curriculum provides a broad and comprehensive introduction to core areas of chemistry while promoting depth of understanding in one or more specific fields. B.S. students complete a series of foundation courses in general chemistry, analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Students then complete one or more specializations, or “tracks,” consisting of in-depth courses both in-and-out of the specialization.  The B.S. in Chemistry requires at least 128 credit hours, including 68 credit hours of chemistry and at least 60 additional credit hours that satisfy the University's graduation requirements. 

The B.A. in Chemistry degree is a more flexible program that provides a comprehensive overview of all areas of chemistry, including laboratory experiences, but can be coupled more easily with other majors or professional career paths.  The B.A. in Chemistry requires at least 120 credit hours, including 54 credit hours of chemistry and at least 66 additional credit hours that satisfy the University's graduation requirements.

The B.S. in Chemical Physics degree is offered in conjunction with the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Students take upper-level courses in both chemistry and physics, focusing on the applications of physics to chemical systems. For more information on this option, contact Prof. Phil Brooks (Chemistry) or Prof. Stan Dodds (Physics).

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in studying chemistry benefit from Rice's renowned faculty members and a strong research program in the Department of Chemistry. Prospective undergraduate students are admitted through Rice's Office of Admissions. We encourage you to visit Rice at any time for a firsthand look at the beautiful, tree-lined campus. Contact the Office of Admissions to arrange a visit. Can't take a campus tour? See what undergraduate life at Rice University is like through a campus virtual tour today.

Why Houston? 
Why Rice? 
Wiess School of Natural Sciences 

What sets our chemistry undergraduate program apart from other high-ranking universities?  

An undergraduate working in the lab

        • State-of-the-art facilities
        • Interdisciplinary research
        • Flexible degree tracks
        • Strong medical collaborations
        • Leaders in nanotechnology

One of the more unique features of the chemistry undergraduate program at Rice includes research opportunities that allow students access to our state-of-the-art-facilities and instrumentation.  We also take pride in the quality of our undergraduate classes and encourage our faculty to implement various styles of teaching.  Group discussions, team discussions and/or interactive lectures play crucial roles in our effective teaching methods. 

Please navigate through the tabs on the left to learn more about our undergraduate program or download the Fall 2017 Undergraduate Advising Booklet to learn more. 

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