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On Friday, May 13, the Chemistry Department celebrated the momentous achievements of our graduates at the undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. levels. Over 100 family, friends and faculty came together in the rain to joyfully congratulate those who completed the chemistry program.

During the reception, Professor Zachary Ball, Chair of the Undergraduate Committee, and Professor Stephan Link, Co-Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee,  presented awards.

Four undergraduates, Fernando Alvarez, Shaina Carroll, Moez Dawood, and Raymundo Moya, were given the Arthur L. Draper Award. This award recognizes outstanding undergraduates in chemistry.

Moez Dawood also received the Distinction in Research and Creative Work in Chemistry for his work with Dr. Louis Staudt,  “Analysis of Immunoglobulin Variable Regions in Activated B cell-like Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma”.

Four students from the graduate program also received awards.

Yilun (Ethan) Li received the Norman Hackerman Fellowship in Chemistry, which is intended for a graduate student in chemistry who demonstrates similar commitment and achievement to that which Dr. Hackerman exemplified during his academic and scientific career.

Jun Ohata received the Hasselman Fellowship, which was established in 1980 for studies in the field of Chemistry.

Anneli Hoggard received the Stauffer-Rothrock Scholarship, which was established in 1968 after Rothrock was awarded the first distinguished service award for outstanding achievement in the chemical engineering profession from Rice University in 1960.

Bo Shuang received the John L. Margrave Thesis Award which recognizes those who provide an exceptional scientific dissertation.

Photos of all award winners and of the reception can be found on our Facebook page.