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Hydrogels deliver on blood-vessel growthHydrogels deliver on blood-vessel growth
Rice researchers introduce improved injectable scaffold to promote healing
Rice chemist Jeffrey Hartgerink, lead author Vivek Kumar and their colleagues have created a new version of the hydrogel that can be injected into an internal wound and help it heal while slowly degrading as it is replaced by natural tissue. (January 20, 2015)


Rice educators offer practical advice for effective teachingRice educators offer practical advice for effective teaching
Members of the Rice community gathered Jan. 16 to celebrate pioneering teaching methods and learn from some of the university’s most celebrated educators at the second annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning, hosted by the Center for Teaching Excellence.  (January 20, 2015)


Rice’s Naomi Halas to direct Smalley InstituteRice’s Naomi Halas to direct Smalley Institute
Optics pioneer will lead Rice’s multidisciplinary science institute
Rice University today named nanotechnology pioneer Naomi Halas director of the Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology. (January 15, 2015)


Laser-induced graphene ‘super’ for electronicsLaser-induced graphene ‘super’ for electronics
Rice University researchers test flexible, three-dimensional supercapacitors
Rice University scientists advanced their recent development of laser-induced graphene (LIG) by producing and testing stacked, three-dimensional supercapacitors, energy-storage devices that are important for portable, flexible electronics.  (January 14, 2015)


Crush those clinkers while they’re hotCrush those clinkers while they’re hot
Rice University study suggests changes to cement manufacturing will save energy
Former Rice graduate student Lu Chen and materials scientist Rouzbeh Shahsavari calculated that fine-tuning the process by which round lumps of calcium silicate called clinkers are turned into cement can save a lot of energy. (January 13, 2015)


Rice mourns Professor Emeritus Jim KinseyRice mourns Professor Emeritus Jim Kinsey
James Kinsey, the D.R. Bullard-Welch Foundation Professor of Science Emeritus, died Dec. 20. He was 80.  (January 8, 2015)


Cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon captureCheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture
Rice University chemists’ product aims to enhance natural gas production at sea
The best material to keep carbon dioxide from natural gas wells from fouling the atmosphere may be a derivative of asphalt, according to Rice University scientists.  (January 7, 2015)


Atom-thick CCD could capture imagesAtom-thick CCD could capture images
Rice University scientists develop two-dimensional, light-sensitive material
An atomically thin material developed at Rice University may lead to the thinnest-ever imaging platform. Synthetic two-dimensional materials based on metal chalcogenide compounds could be the basis for superthin devices, according to Rice researchers. (December 19, 2014)

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