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‘Rivet graphene’ proves its mettle‘Rivet graphene’ proves its mettle
Rice lab shows toughened material is easier to handle, useful for electronics
Nanoscale “rivets” give graphene qualities that may speed the wonder material’s adoption in products like flexible, transparent electronics, according to researchers at Rice University.  (July 14, 2016)


Amyloid probes gain powers in search for Alzheimer’s causeAmyloid probes gain powers in search for Alzheimer’s cause
Rice University lab’s molecule offers real-time monitoring of plaques implicated in disease
A metallic molecule being studied at Rice University begins to glow when bound to amyloid protein fibrils of the sort implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. When triggered with ultraviolet light, the molecule glows much brighter, which enables real-time monitoring of amyloid fibrils as they aggregate in lab experiments. (July 7, 2016)


Proteins put up with the roar of the crowdProteins put up with the roar of the crowd
Rice University simulations show dynamics support efficient binding on DNA
It gets mighty crowded around your DNA, but don’t worry: According to Rice University researchers, your proteins are nimble enough to find what they need.  (June 23, 2016)


Rice scientists streamline synthesis of potential cancer drugRice scientists streamline synthesis of potential cancer drug
Nicolaou and colleagues refine production of potent anti-tumor antibiotic uncialamycin
A team led by Rice University scientists has improved the production of a potent anti-tumor antibiotic known as uncialamycin. (June 23, 2016)


Core proteins exert control over DNA functionCore proteins exert control over DNA function
Rice University-based models simulate how nucleosomes facilitate gene exposure
The protein complex that holds strands of DNA in compact spools partially disassembles itself to help genes reveal themselves to specialized proteins and enzymes for activation, according to Rice University researchers and their colleagues. (June 21, 2016)


Rice bioengineer Antonios Mikos elected to Academy of AthensRice bioengineer Antonios Mikos elected to Academy of Athens
Rice University bioengineer Antonios Mikos has been elected to the Academy of Athens – Greece’s national academy and highest research establishment – as a corresponding member in the Section of the Sciences. (June 21, 2016)


Rice lab synthesizes new cancer fighterRice lab synthesizes new cancer fighter
Thailanstatin A disrupts disease by inhibiting DNA-editing machinery
Rice University scientists have synthesized a novel anti-cancer agent, Thailanstatin A, which was originally isolated from a bacterial species collected in Thailand.  (June 20, 2016)


DNA in ‘unbiased’ model curls both waysDNA in ‘unbiased’ model curls both ways
Rice University calculations show chromosomes’ ‘superhelix’ can twist left or right
In 1988, scientists in Switzerland looked through a microscope and saw something they didn’t expect: two sections of an X-shaped chromosome spiraling in opposite directions. Now scientists at Rice University have confirmed that such anomalies are indeed possible.  (June 14, 2016)

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