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Chemistry faculty honored with top mentoring, teaching awardsChemistry faculty honored with top mentoring, teaching awards
Naomi Halas, Jason Hafner, and Julianne Yost were recognized at the 2018 University Awards hosted on April 24 by the Center for Teaching Excellence. (May 1, 2018)


Mat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in waterMat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in water
Rice-led NEWT Center develops energy-saving tech to remove contaminants from wastewater, drinking water
A polymer mat developed at Rice University has the ability to fish biologically harmful contaminants from water through a strategy known as “bait, hook and destroy.” (March 21, 2018)


Hydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcersHydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcers
Tests show Rice invention could accelerate tissue growth compared with current treatment
A hydrogel invented at Rice University that is adept at helping the body heal may also be particularly good at treating wounds related to diabetes. (March 20, 2018)


Imaging technique pulls plasmon data togetherImaging technique pulls plasmon data together
Rice scientists’ hyperspectral method analyzes many plasmonic nanoparticles in an instant
Rice University scientists have developed a novel technique to view a field of plasmonic nanoparticles simultaneously to learn how their differences change their reactivity. (March 15, 2018)


Hydrogel helps heal without additivesHydrogel helps heal without additives
Rice lab surprised to find its drug-delivery system can help even without drugs
Sometimes when you’re invested in a project you fail to notice things that turn out to be significant. (March 13, 2018)


Graphene grows stronger against the windGraphene grows stronger against the wind
Rice, Oak Ridge National Laboratory technique grows pristine foot-long graphene
Is there a way to make big sheets of pristine graphene or other two-dimensional materials? The answer is blowing in the wind. (March 12, 2018)


Mahadevan wins top prize at Three-Minute Thesis competitionMahadevan wins top prize at Three-Minute Thesis competition
Chemistry graduate student Thasneem Banu Frousnoon won the Graduate Student Association’s Audience’s Choice Award, a $500 travel grant, based on the votes of graduate students in the audience. (March 12, 2018)


Flat gallium joins roster of new 2-D materialsFlat gallium joins roster of new 2-D materials
Rice, Indian Institute of Science introduce gallenene
Scientists at Rice University and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have discovered a method to make atomically flat gallium that shows promise for nanoscale electronics. (March 9, 2018)

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