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Distinction in Research and Creative Work in Chemistry


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Department of Chemistry - 

Distinction in Research and Creative Work

The Distinction in Research and Creative Work is a University award for select undergraduates, granted at commencement, which appears on the transcript and diploma. More specifically, in the Chemistry Department, this award recognizes Rice B.S. chemists whose research discoveries will form a substantial component of an important publication. The submission and review processes are often not fast enough for researchers to see their work in print before graduation.  A pre-publication formal description of the research (e.g., a submission-ready manuscript or a CHEM 492/3 Honors Thesis or the equivalent) with a detailed accounting of the nominee’s contribution and those of other authors is sufficient. Applicants must also be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 in courses completed at Rice.  

Required Application Materials:   

  1. Declaration of intention to apply for this distinction.   
  2. Documentation of research achievement in the form of published papers, theses, pre-publication manuscripts, electronic files of presentations (PowerPoint or poster) given off-campus.
  3. A supporting letter from the research advisor which should detail the student’s research accomplishments and intellectual contributions. 

Optional, but encouraged: 

  1. Applications are encouraged to include a short letter of support from your research advisor.

Deadline for Final Submission of Materials: Last day of classes of semester before graduation 

Please send all application materials to Sabra Helton, Academic Program Administrator: sabra@rice.edu

Past Award Recipients:

2018 Award Recipients

Samantha Donaldson

Angel Garces

Andrew Ligerdale

James Siriwongsup 

2017 Award Recipients

Morgan Abernathy

Megan Moore

Grant Stec

Eric Sung

2016 Award Recipient

Moez Dawood "Analysis of Immuniglobulin Variable Regions in Activated B cell-like Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma"

2015 Award Recipients

Jessica Heimann "Carbon Nanomaterials As Heavy Metal Adsorbents in Aqueous Environments"

Lachezer Hristov "Novel Approaches to the Synthesis of Δ7-Dafachronic Acid and Palladium(II) Ligand Screening"

Nicole Moody "Detecting Biomolecules Bound to Plasmonic Nanoscale Systems Using Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy"

Eric Wagner "Functionalized Fullerenes as New Agents for T Cell Labeling: Implications for Cancer Immunotherapy"

2014 Award Recipient

Julian C. Cooper"Strategic Design and Synthesis of Inhibitor Analogues for Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3)"

2013 Award Recipients

Elaine Yiran Guo "Structural determination of binding interactions between protein kinase G I alpha leucine zipper and RhoA” 

Michelle Marie LaComb “Gadonanotubes: Novel Contrast Agents for the Imaging of Bacterial Cells in Vivo”