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Shared Equipment Authority (SEA)

In addition to the equipment and facilities utilized solely by individual research groups, Rice’s Shared Equipment Authority (SEA) provides a greater breadth of sophisticated research equipment and facilities to all members of the Rice University community. SEA also provides support and open instrumentation usage to outside companies, nano/bio/enviro start-ups and other universities upon availability. The SEA infrastructure and management has enabled Rice faculty members to become innovative leaders in photonics, bioinformatics, nanotechnology and environmental systems.

The Rice SEA supports more than 65 instruments, including:

  • X-ray diffraction 
  • Optical microscopy 
  • Electron microscopy 
  • Scanning probe microscopy 
  • Optical spectroscopy 
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 
  • Mass spectrometry 
  • Thermal analysis 
  • Cleanroom class 100/1000 
  • Micro/nano fabrication